Photo of Crockett Family?



Larry McCombs sent this photo of what he felt could be tentatively identified as a Crockett family, but which Crocketts? An old postcard photo and no information was written on it. He had first believed the man in the vest up front may be Samuel Kelly Crockett, but was eventually uncertain. I too am uncertain.

He was thinking the date of the photo might be 1905-1910, and I’m thinking more 1910, based on the variety of lengths of skirts and the hairstyles.

Let’s suppose the date is 1910. James Kelly Crockett, Samuel’s father, would be deceased, having died in 1909, but the elder woman to the left could possibly be Samuel’s mother, Millie Ann Stricklin Crockett, 75 years of age, who dies in 1910.

Then to the right of the man in the vest. Would that be his wife, Sadie Hackney? We have a couple other photos of Sadie Hackney Crockett and she appears to have had a slimmer build than the woman, and her face too seems distinctly different, so if this is Sadie then she lost a considerable amount of weight between 1910 and the mid 1920s and this very much effected her facial features.

If this is a Crockett portrait that includes the Samuel family, there were no children of Sam and Sadie with young children yet except for daughter Vera (Lloyd would have been 1) and Vera and her husband James Albert McKenney aren’t in this photo. The boy to the right of the photo wouldn’t be children of Samuel and Sadie. The children in front wouldn’t be and they couldn’t be grandchildren.

The man on the right of the photo bears a strong resemblance to the man with the vest. They would appear to be related. Of Samuel’s brothers, however, there were none surviving at that time. James had died in 1884, leaving no children. John had died in 1893, leaving no children. His sister Sallie was dead. Elouise was living but had three young daughters. His older sister, Martha Eliza Crockett Lemmon, had a number of children, all married and older.

As far as children of Samuel and Sadie, there were three sons living and two daughters. Buell was married but with no children yet and would have been 25. As mentioned, Vera isn’t seen in the photo. Charles was living, would have been 23, was married but with no children yet. George Keithly was living, would have been 21, but had as yet no children, and I don’t know if was yet married. Then there was “Dot”, Dorothy Sadie, who would have been 18 in 1910. The girl standing to the center could possibly be her. I’ve a picture of “Dot” and they do look similar.

OK, then. What about possible relations of Sadie? Both her parents were dead. Amos was alive and married but his children would have been older and he was what, 67 or so. William France was alive, would have been 60 and had older children. Paris was alive but gone. The family, as far as I know, believed him to have died when he was still alive. Susan was alive, would have been about 49, but I know nothing about her married family. Relatives of Sadie Hackney Crockett just don’t seem to be a fit. Her siblings were older than the adults shown here and none were young.

As noted earlier, the man in the vest looks very much like a close relation of the man to the left, probably brothers, but Samuel’s brothers were dead. Of the women standing in the rear, the one holding the child looks like she could possibly be a close relation of the center rear woman. I could see how all 3 women standing against the house could possibly be related. There are no Crockett or Hackney women who match up.

So, who is this family? Do we have here a photo showing Millie Stricklin Crockett, Samuel Kelly Crockett, Sadie Hackney Crockett and Dot, the rest unknown individuals? Or is it an unknown family?

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