Wild Geese

Poetry by Nellie Adelaide McKenney, 1902-1954, daughter of George Ellis (Bob) McKenney and Rachel Adeline Arnold. Nellie married John Haffner.


Bravely, In streaming lines they fly,
Surely strong, and swift against the sky
Where March her mist dimmed mantle flings,
As they have flown ten thousand springs.
Earth bound am I, I cannot know
Their swift wild freedom, as I go
About my humble tasks each year
I strengthen the tics that bind me here.
My old familiar rut is deep.
I am content, with it I keep
My soul tied to my patch of soil
To friends and kindred, hope and toil.
But, every spring the wild geese start
A sleeping something in my heart
That beats like prisoned wings, and cries
For wider skies!

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