McKenneys of Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey and Harrison Counties, Ohio-1870

Continued from 1860s notes

Hopefully you have landed here because you are researching a McKenney/McKinney family who came from Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey or Harrison counties of Ohio. If so, please contact me so that we can share information. Several families from the area now have taken a yDNA-37 test at FTDNA, and we need more families from the area to do this so that we may begin to get a better picture of these families and possible relationships between them.

The focus of my study right now are George Washington McKenney Sr. b. abt. 1832 in Ohio, William McKenney b. abt. 1827 in Ohio, married in Monroe Ohio, and Robert Eugene McKenney born about 1821 in Pennsylvania. They are each from the same area in Ohio and went to Van Buren County, Iowa and are closely connected, so I am assuming they are either brothers are cousins. DNA research shows this branch of McKenneys is not Scotch-Irish. Instead they are Irish and related to Irish McKennas.

As far as I can tell, no one has much studied the McKenneys from this area and I’m hoping eventually some people will drop by who are descendants of McKenney families from Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey and Harrison Counties in Ohio.

Some of the below is good solid census research. Other parts are speculation and subject to change as evidence presents itself, and hopefully evidence will present itself.

Things get confusing because of the repetitive names in these McKenney families of George Washington, William, John and Robert. I try to keep things straight by consistently (annoyingly, repetitively) attaching birth dates to individuals.

I’m also including research on the Bartows and some Shaffer families of Harrison county who married into the McKenney family, and also families who seem to be closely connected as they made the migration out to Iowa at the same time the McKenneys did, or who moved to the Ioway/Great Nemaha Reservation area at that time. George W. McKenney Sr. b. 1832 is said to have married an Ioway woman and I feel examination of these families is pertinent. These families who move to the Ioway/Great Nemaha Reservation are connected with the McKenneys through marriage but more obviously through close neighborhood associations with the Bartows and Shaffers.

We may never have direct lines for these McKenneys and may have to make do with a clan umbrella of kinship.

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Above is a selection of some of the known places G. W. McKenney Sr. and family would live in between 1850 and 1890. Many of the towns in which they are lived are no longer there.

G. W. McKenney Sr. b. 1832 and Isabella are in Lincoln, Neosho Co. KS census, as are the Campbells into whose family daughter Martha Elizabeth had married. Not with George and Isabelle are children Margaret J. b. 1854, William W. b. 1857 and Sarah C. b. 1860. Perhaps they have died? Nothing more is known about them.

G. W. is at the end of the census. His daughter Martha (Elizabeth) is also in the census with Marion CAMPBELL at household 112.

101/101 FOSTER R. F. 33 b. OH and children 15 to 1 b.IA
102/102 MORFORD Jeremiah 28 ? b. PA, Mary 50 b. PA and a 14 and 10 year old b. IA
Note: Perhaps Jeremiah MORFORD b. 1822 in PA and married to Mary HENNEN 22 June 1850 in Iowa County, IA.
103/103 PAGET Jaccob L. 32 b. IL and Eliza and family.
104/104 NICHOLS Joseph B. 51 and wife b. PA and James 16 b. IA
NOTE: 1852 Wapello Louisa township IA census page 5)
105/105 HIGGINS John 38 b. OH and Drucilla 22 b. IL and 5 and 2 year olds b.IA
106/106 ELLIS Albert 34 b. OH and Alice 24 b. IA and 2 year old child b. IA
107/107 CAMPBELL John 61 b. V
Nancy 54 b. VA
David 23 b. IA (family gives as born 1846 Des Moines Polk IA)
Virginia 18 b. VA (family gives as born Mannington, Marion Co. WV)
Margaret 16 b. IA (family gives as born Putnam, MO in 1854)
James 11 b. MO
108/108 CAMPBELL William 28 b. VA
Mary 28 b. VA
Thomas 11 b. MO
Martin 9 b. IA
A. G. (male) 4 b. IA
James M? 1 b. KS
ANDREW? Johnathon 29 b. MO
NOTE: John is father of Marion and William. The family was in IA in 1847, back to VA then back to IA by 1854. Then were in MO in 1859 then back in IA by 1861. John’s family is on page 400 of the WV Marion co. Western distrct census for 1850.
109/109 HUDSON? Thomas 27 b. OH and family
110/110 SANN or GANN Wm 21 KY and Emma 18 IA and Mina age 1 born Iowa
111/111 LACOMA John 35 Island of Jesus/James and wife Nancy. Children 9 t0 1 born IA. (Found it and it’s a Canadian Island way out in the Atlantic.)
112/112 CAMPBELL Marion 27 farmer $300/$200 VA
Elizabeth 19 IA
Alford W. 2 MO
Milley I. 4/12 b. KS
113/113 CHAPMAN William or Millian? 68 b. KY and Martha 65 b. VA and family
114/114 CHAPMAN James 50 and Martha 47 and family all born KY
115/115 RICH Ichabud 28 b. IN and Evaline b. MO and daughter 7/12 b. KS
116/116 OSBORNE P. H. b. AL and Sarah b. IN and children 8 to 3 born MO and KS
117/117 RICH Mary Ann 46 b. KY and 12 year old Robert b. KS and 5 year old Mary b. MO
118/118 ROBINSON William H. 28 b. IN and Elizabeth 25 b. IN
119/119 RICH George J. 21 b. IN
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120/120 ANDERSON Lt. A
121/121 HAMILTON Henry and Sarah
122/122 CLARK George and D. A.
123/123 CLARK George W. and Elizabeth
124/124 HALL William and Nancy
125/125 GASKILL William and SARAH
126/126 HURT ? George and Rachel
127/127 GREGG ? and Sabrina
128/128 RIGBY George W. and Mary
129/129 CHARLES Levi R.
130/130 BRECKENRIDGE George b. MO and Lucy b. VA
MORFORD John 23 b. PA
CAMPBELL Samuel 32 b. VA
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FERRIS Adeline 17 and William b. 13 IA
131/131 GREGG ? and Mary
132/132 NOOLIN Annie and family
133 HOLSINGER Elias and Catherine and family
133/134 STEWART Edward
134/135 PAGET Eli 35 and Mary and family from Indiana
135/136 BRESON Lewis 33 b. IA
Mary 21 b. IL
Emma and Isabel, 4 and 2 b. KS
136/137 ERNEST?? Jacob and Cynthia and family from Indiana
137/138 GOODRICH Norman 42 and Mary 31 Ohio. Children through 18 year old b. Ohio and 16 and 14 by IA and 11 to 5 b. OH
138/139 HIGGINS Charles and Sarah
139/140 BENSINGER? John and Isabel
140/141 SIZELOW Jacob and Amanda
141/142 MARTIN John
142/143 MULLINS Noah
143/144 AHTTUCK ?
144/145 MINOR Edina 72 b. VA and family (IL)
146/147 BENET Thomas and Mary
147/148 NEWBURY Elizabeth
148/149 KIMMEND? Josiah and Eliszabeth and family
149/150 BENSON? William and Marty and family
150/151 SAMSON? or SUMMER W.J. and family
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DIAMOND? William
GARRISON Jason and Mary and family
WADE Joseph R. and Maryanne and family
ONEIL Eustis and Maria and family
WRIGHT William
NOBEL Nelson and Elizabeth and family
SHULTZ A. D. and Martha and family
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PELHAM Catherine
CARROLL Nancy and family
BUFF Martin and Eveline and family
FOLEY America and family
WILLIAMS W. H. and Ann and family
LINNBACKER T. B. and C. C. and family
HULL or HALL John F.
PAGET Johnathon and Charlotte and Mary
NEIGHBORS Albert? and Sarah and family
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165/166 LUPTON Rebecca 63 OH
Henry 28 IA
Evaline or Emeline 21 IA
NOTE: 1850 Black Hawk District 11 Iowa census: Molun (Mahlon) LUPTON 49 b. VA, Rebecca 42 b. OH, William 20 b. IL, Linora 13, Columbes 10, Adaline 9 or 7, Caroline 5, Evaline 1 b. IA, live next to G. Paul GAMAMAN or SAMAMAN (or Samanuw E. Paul) 45 trapper b. Canada. Roswell BAKER 34 b. Canada and family, an 11 year old born Michigan (is in 1840 Kent MI census betreeen Abraham and John C. CRANE and Calsan KELSEY?, image 24/25). Albridge YOUNG 34 b. MA and Ahinum family, Jan or James or John NEWELL 41 b. OH, 27 year old Nancy bo. Iowa and 20 to 14 year old NEWELLS b. OHIO and younger than that in Iowa. Also a 70 year old Shimas NEWELL. An H. H. FOWLER is seen in index for that census, page 1.
166 empty
167/167 SHANNON J. H. 23 IN
168/168 WORTMAN John 26 and Mary 20 IN
169/169 GORBACKER John 46 and Catherine 43 Hanover ? and family
170/170 MOLISH W. C. 70 B b. Indian Territory Creek Nation?
Lizzie B b. GA
Peggy 13 B b. Indian Territory
Jennie? or Irene? 10 B b. KS
Polly 50 B b. GA
171/171 FOWLER? Henry 26 b. IL and Elizabeth 27 b. MO
172/172 MCKINNEY Geo W. 43 wm House carpenter $350 b. OH Father of foreign birth
Isabel 45 wf Keeping house b. PA Unable to write
Lucinda 16 wf At home b. OH Attended school
Geo. W. 8 wm b. IA
Ida May 5 wf b. IA

Robert Eugene McKenney is in Ben Wade, Pope, Minnesota.

Rebecca McKenney (conjectured widow of John McKenney 1) remains in Millwood, Guernsey, Ohio.

1870 Millwood, Guernsey, Ohio
HALL Cyrus
ALLWINE Lawrence
164/161 MCKINNEY Rebecca 60 $300 b. PA
Sarah 21 helps mother b. OH
HALL Edward
KUHNS Matilda

George W. McKenney, son of Robert McKenney, married to Rhoda Scarborough, has settled in Licking, Blackford, Indiana abt 1863 and is on the census.


Horton, Brown County, Ks. Ida McWhirt, a niece of Cornelius McWhirt, is born in or near Horton. See 1870 and 1880 Partlow column.


Lewis Hall family is in Fremont living next to the Cowles. In 1880 they will be in Mercer Co. Missouri living by George Dunn which the Cutler and Martin family are currently living by. In 1860 in Fremont the Cowles were living next to the Jacob Pauly family, John Floury and Joseph Vilondre, Peter LeClaire, Nemaha families.


James Arbaugh and Catherine Cook living beside the family of John STONG in Village, Van Buren, IA. John STONG’s sister Susanna married S. Peter SHAFFER in 1861, son of George SHAFFER and Margaret SALTZGIVER, also from Harrison COunty, Ohio. Catherine Cook is aunt of Thomas Anderson Moore who married Clarissa Van Bergen Pilcher in 1862 in St. Louis.


Illinois, Tennessee, McDonough

Grammant family (marries Partelow abt 1880) lives a couple doors from Cornelius McWhirt. Addie McKenney will be boarded out to the McWhirts when her mother dies in the mid 70s. Cornelius McWhirt is also in Neosho KS in this census. His occupation was a carpenter building houses for Indians in exchange for horses. G. W. McKenney Sr. was also a carpenter.

Between the Grammant family and the McWhirts is an Asa Decker. His sister Sarah was married to a Samuel McKinney 1853 in McDonough, Samuel born 1797 in PA. Asa’s brother Cornelius was married to Eliza Jane McKinney, Samuel McKinney’s daughter, also in 1853 in McDonough. Unknown if this Samuel McKinney is related to mine but I consider it a possibility.


Thadeus Cutler and the Martins are in Mercer County Missouri in the same household. They live a couple doors from a George Dunn. See 1880.


Arnold Coles Barker, son of Joseph Barker and Anna Manchester, marries Martha Van Eman, daughter of George Van Eman and Elizabeth Margaret Poage, in Van Buren, Iowa. (See 1850 Roy column)


1870-1875, death of Isabella McKenney (Ioway). She is said to have died during a cattle drive down to Oklahoma. I’ve found it interesting this happened about the same time as the Osage removal to Oklahoma.

About this time, Martha Elizabeth McKenney Campbell (daughter of Isabella and G. W. McKenney Sr.) dies, leaving two children.

Family of William Hackney and Mary Jane Enlow Hackney migrate from Van Buren, Iowa to Chautauqua, Kansas. (They then move to Montgomery and up to Washington County, Kansas.) The Crocketts and I guess the Pershalls also migrate to Chautauqua in 1871-1872.


The Osage are moved from Neosho Kansas area to Oklahoma.


In Blackford, Indiana, Rebecca Benedict McKenney, widow of William McKenney (son of George McKenney and Rhoda Scarborough) marries James Palmer.


Julia Royer Roy dies in the Osage Nation.


Addie McKenney was boarded with the McWhirts after her mother’s death but in this census she is living with the David Robb family in Lincoln, Neosho, Kansas. No known connection to that family but Siglers were living next door that were early settlers in Van Buren Iowa. Addie had been born 1864 in Boone Co. Iowa but was in Kansas by 1870 and reported that before her mother’s death she had grown up among Indians living an Indian lifestyle.

George Washington McKenney Jr. is boarded with Thomas Merritt Baxter in Osage Mission, Neosho, KS. Phillip Spoonamore was uncle to John Newton Spoonamore who married Amanda Baxter in 1853. Thomas Merrit Baxter was her brother. Thomas Merritt Baxter is given in one of the censuses as raising cattle. In Osage Mission, Neosho, Ks in 1870, Lydia Burris, sister of Eliza Burris who was married to Thomas Merrit Baxter in 1871, is living beside Joseph Carlock whose wife is Sarah Elizabeth McWhirt.

Not seen in the 1875 Kansas census are George W. McKenney Sr., daughter Lucinda, or the two children of Martha Elizabeth McKenney Campbell.


Amos Partelow, son of Bluett Partelow (had lived several decades in Van Buren, Iowa) is living in Pike, Lyon, Kansas with wife Sarah two households from Mathew Weese Kirkendall. Also in Lyon is Ephraim Kirkendall (brother or cousin of Matthew, genealogy is confused), who in 1858 married in Van Buren County Iowa and will die in 1899 in Chautauqua Co. KS. The family of Matthew Weese Kirkendall is in the 1850 Village, Van Buren, Iowa census, then in 1857 immigrated to Kansas and settled in Emporia, where Amos Partelow is in 1870. Thomas Nixon Carver, son of John Carver and Margaret Jane Bartow (part of the Harrison County, Ohio Bartows who moved to Van Buren), will marry Flora Frazee Kirkendall, niece of Matthew Weese Kirkendall. These Kirendalls are 1st cousins once removed from the Kirkendalls in Richardson County in 1880 who are living near the Hurleys and have married into the Harsin/Pershall family.


George Washington McKenney Jr. is boarded with Thomas Merritt Baxter in Osage Mission, Neosho, KS. Phillip Spoonamore was uncle to John Newton Spoonamore who married Amanda Baxter in 1853. Thomas Merrit Baxter was her brother. Thomas Merritt Baxter is given in one of the censuses as raising cattle. In Osage Mission, Neosho, Ks in 1870, Lydia Burris, sister of Eliza Burris who was married to Thomas Merrit Baxter in 1871, is living beside Joseph Carlock whose wife is Sarah Elizabeth McWhirt.

We already have a Spoonamore connection through the Ira Kelsey family that was living beside William McKenney in Van Buren, one that evolved via the Alpheus Cutler family in Fremont and Mary Cutler marrying George Washington Martin. It’s a significant relationship as we shall see in 1880 (below).

And now in Neosho, G. W. McKenney Jr. is boarded with relations of the Spoonamores.

Another connection may be had through Arthur Cheoweth and Elizabeth Baxter of Harrison County Ohio. Elizabeth Baxter was a first cousin of Emblem Baxter, Thomas Merrit Baxter’s father. In 1840 in Harrison County, Arthur Chenoweth (son of Arthur Chenoweth and Elizabeth Baxter) and wife Mary Delong are living next to John Gault in Harrison County, Ohio. This John Gault was married to Nancy McKinney, daughter of George McKinney Sr. and Mary Campbell of Harrison Co. Ohio, perhaps relations of my George W. McKenney Sr. See 1880 for this family’s connection to John A. Warner who moves to Mission, Brown, Kansas and marries Lavina Simmonds (a lot of Ioway descending).


Rebecca Partlow marries William Joshua Lovell nephew of Harvey Murphy and Barbara Spoonamore. Barbara is a niece of John Newton Spoonamore who married Amanda Baxter. See 1875 Spoonamore column. See 1880 in this column and the note on Benjamine Sparks for more on Harvey Murphy and Barbara Spoonamore.


Rebecca Partlow marries William Joshua Lovell nephew of Harvey Murphy and Barbara Spoonamore. Barbara is a niece of John Newton Spoonamore who married Amanda Baxter. See 1875 Spoonamore column.


George W. McKenney Sr. b. 1832 is presumably remarried, and is in Iowa where his son Eli Wilson McKenney is born.

Daughter Lucinda McKenney is by now married to an unknown Hughes, and son Jurdy Thomas Hughes is born in Illinois. Jurdy sometimes gives his father as born in Indiana and sometimes in Kentucky.


Philemon Thomas, son of Alfred Thomas and Isabella Haley, marries Martha Sparks, daughter of James Sparks and Carrie Burch, in Chautauqua, Kansas.


Pagrachena dies.


Chautauqua Co Ks. Winfield Courier reports George McKenney has built a large house there.


Francis James Murphy, son of James Murphy and Margaret Tesson, marries Amy Moncrovie, daughter of Alexander Moncrovie and Elizabeth Louise Loise (Barada line) in Burt, Nebraska. They will move to Chautauqua County, Kansas.

Now on to the 1880s.

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