McKenneys of Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey and Harrison Counties, Ohio-1860

Continued from 1850s notes.

Hopefully you have landed here because you are researching a McKenney/McKinney family who came from Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey or Harrison counties of Ohio. If so, please contact me so that we can share information. Several families from the area now have taken a yDNA-37 test at FTDNA, and we need more families from the area to do this so that we may begin to get a better picture of these families and possible relationships between them.

The focus of my study right now are George Washington McKenney Sr. b. abt. 1832 in Ohio, William McKenney b. abt. 1827 in Ohio, married in Monroe Ohio, and Robert Eugene McKenney born about 1821 in Pennsylvania. They are each from the same area in Ohio and went to Van Buren County, Iowa and are closely connected, so I am assuming they are either brothers are cousins. DNA research shows this branch of McKenneys is not Scotch-Irish. Instead they are Irish and related to Irish McKennas.

As far as I can tell, no one has much studied the McKenneys from this area and I’m hoping eventually some people will drop by who are descendants of McKenney families from Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey and Harrison Counties in Ohio.

Some of the below is good solid census research. Other parts are speculation and subject to change as evidence presents itself, and hopefully evidence will present itself.

Things get confusing because of the repetitive names in these McKenney families of George Washington, William, John and Robert. I try to keep things straight by consistently (annoyingly, repetitively) attaching birth dates to individuals.

I’m also including research on the Bartows and some Shaffer families of Harrison county who married into the McKenney family, and also families who seem to be closely connected as they made the migration out to Iowa at the same time the McKenneys did, or who moved to the Ioway/Great Nemaha Reservation area at that time. George W. McKenney Sr. b. 1832 is said to have married an Ioway woman and I feel examination of these families is pertinent. These families who move to the Ioway/Great Nemaha Reservation are connected with the McKenneys through marriage but more obviously through close neighborhood associations with the Bartows and Shaffers.

We may never have direct lines for these McKenneys and may have to make do with a clan umbrella of kinship.

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Above is a selection of some of the known places G. W. McKenney Sr. and family would live in between 1850 and 1890. Many of the towns in which they are lived are no longer there.

George W. McKenney Sr b. 1832 is observed in the 1860 VAN BUREN VILLAGE TOWNSHIP CENSUS. William MCKINNEY b. 1827 (conjectured brother) is nearby in that VILLAGE census, with the RR crew. He appears twice in the census, also in the WASHINGTON Township in which we saw George Sr. living beside him in 1856.

Taken 4th day of June 1860
Rootsweb transcription
3 130 130 Morrow Geo. B. 35 M Farmer 3,000 400 O.
4 130 130 Morrow Elizabeth 3* F O.
5 130 130 Morrow Silvenice 16 M Farming O X
REMARKS: age appears 16 written over 18 or visa versa
6 130 130 Morrow Saml’ 14 M Farming O. X
REMARKS: age 14 or 16 written over 7
130 130 Morrow Elizabeth J. 16 M O. X
REMARKS: age 16 written over
8 130 130 Morrow Thos. 19 M O. X
9 130 130 Morrow Richard 2 M O.
10 130 130 Morrow George 9 M O. X
NOTE: From Belmont CO. OH. “Morrow, George B., farmer, S. 32; P.O. Doud’s Station; born in Belmont Co., Ohio Oct. 15, 1817; in 1858, he moved to Van Buren Co., and settled in Village Tp.; in 1876, moved to his present farm in Lick Creek Tp.; farming has been his business; from 1838 to 1840, followed butchering in Wheeling W. Va. Married Elizabeth Guthrie Dec. 27, 1839; she was born in Harrison Co., Ohio, June 16, 1818; have had six children, one died in infancy; living–Sylvester, Samuel Thomas D., Jane, Richard and George W. Mrs. Morrow is a member of the Presbyterian Church. He owns 603 acres of land, valued at $15,000.”
11 131 131 Doud John M 49 M Farmer 1,500 Pa.
12 131 131 Doud Sarah M. 28 F N.Y.
13 131 131 Doud Sophronia 15 F O. X
14 131 131 Doud Henrietta M. 14 F Iowa X
15 131 131 Doud Edward T. 10 M Iowa X
16 131 131 Doud John M. 6 M Iowa X
17 131 131 Doud Wm. F. 4 M Iowa
18 131 131 Doud Saml’ H. 2 M Iowa
19 131 131 Doud David B. 2/12 M Iowa
NOTE: The Doud families appear to be from first Luzerne (Bradford) Co. PA, to Hamilton Co OH by 1818, to Clark Co OH by 1820 and the 1824 to Licking Co OH. Early 1840s to Van Buren.
20 131 131 Henshaw S. 23 M Farming O.
21 131 131 Doud Fear 78 F 400 Conn.
22 132 132 Homshell Henry 25 M Labourer Pa.
23 132 132 Homshell Charity C. 21 F N.Y.
24 132 132 Homshell Angetina 1 F Wis.
25 133 133 McKinney G. W. 30 M Carpenter 200 b. Ohio.
26 133 133 McKinney Isabella 32 F b. Pa. can’t read/write
27 133 133 McKinney Martha 8 F b. Ohio.
28 133 133 McKinney Margaret J. 6 F b. Ohio.
29 133 133 McKinney Lucinda 4 F b. Ohio.
30 133 133 McKinney Wm. W. 3 M b. Iowa
31 133 133 McKinney Sarah C. 5/12 F b. Iowa
1 135 135 Cadi Fanny 20 F Ind.
2 136 136 Nelson Wesley 28 M Labourer 50 O.
3 136 136 Nelson Julia 25 F O.
4 136 136 Nelson Christena 1 F Iowa
Note: Wesley Nelson and wife Julia are in the 1870 Ohio Meigs Co. Rutland census and in the 1880 Washington, Lincoln, West Virginia census page 224C.
5 137 137 Kelley Danl’ 30 M Labourer 40 O.
6 137 137 Kelley Arena 26 F O.
7 137 137 Kelley Cade 4 M Iowa
8 137 137 Kelley Melissa J. 2 F Iowa
9 137 137 McKinney Wm. 37 M Labourer O.
10 137 137 McKinney Eli 12 M Labourer O.
NOTE: Recorded twice. His family is in Van Buren township. Was in the 1850 census. Eli died in the Civil War and they remained in IA.
11 137 137 McMichal John 30 M Labourer Pa.
12 137 137 McMichal Robert 28 M Labourer Pa.

George W. Sr.’s grandson, James Albert, married Vera CROCKETT. Her mother, Sadie HACKNEY, was born in VAN BUREN Co. IA. ENLOWS (Sadie’s mother was an ENLOW) are in the 1840, 1850 and 1860 Van Buren Co. IA censuses. Living beside the HACKNEYS in 1860 is Jeremiah SCHAEFFER, whose wife’s sister married Robert Eugene MCKENNEY in OH. Robert Eugene was also in the 1850 Monroe Co. OH census. On the other side of them is a Hiram SCHAEFFER from Harrison Co. OH.

pg. 295 LICK CREEK TOWNSHIP (pg. 145
8 June 1860
319/331 Bluett PARTLOW (The Ioway Partlow family)
320/332 GODOWN Mark (OH) and Mahala (PA)
321/333 SCHAEFFER J. 39 b. OH
Elizabeth 39 b. OH
Mary 14 (all children born in IA)
Nancey C. 10
Wm. M. 7
Catharine 2
John 4/14
322/334 CARSON D. G. (VA) and Sarah (OH)
323/335 HACKNEY Wm. J. 40 m. farmer $90 $200 b. OH
Mary J. 36 f b. OH
HACKNEY Amos S. 17 b. IA
HACKNEY William 10 b. IA
HACKNEY Parris 6 b. IA
HACKNEY Sarah 2 b. IA
322/334 CARSON D. G. (VA) and Sarah (OH)
323/335 HACKNEY Wm. J. 40 m. farmer $90 $200 b. OH
Mary J. 36 f b. OH
HACKNEY Amos S. 17 b. IA
HACKNEY William 10 b. IA
HACKNEY Parris 6 b. IA
HACKNEY Sarah 2 b. IA

William McKenney b. 1827 in the 1860 Washington, Van Buren, Iowa census:

Washington Township
560 Lonzo SHEPHERD 26 KY
561/569 Thomas TRIGG 49 and Ellen and family KY
562/570 James JACKSON 30 and Mary England and IL
560/571 Ira KELSEY 53 and Catherine OH and NY
8 564 572 McKinney Wm 33 M Labourer 50 Ohio
9 564 572 McKinney Esther 35 F Pa
10 564 572 McKinney Hannah 15 F Ohio
11 564 572 McKinney Eli W 13 M Ohio
12 564 572 McKinney Francis M 10 M Iowa
13 564 572 McKinney William S 8 M Iowa
14 564 572 McKinney Luther B 6 M Iowa
15 564 572 McKinney Esther A 2/12 F Iowa
565/573 Wm QUAINTANCE 39 and Harriet PA and NY
566/574 Allen LIPPENCOTT 54 and Sarah NY and England to OH
567/575 B. RIGGSBEE 25 and family MO and IA
568/576 Dudley HARDY 56 and Amelia NH and NY

George W. McKenney (son of Robert McKenney) b. 1816, who married Rhoda Scarborough, is now in Haw Creek, Morgan, Missouri. What are they doing there??

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Haw Creek, Morgan, Missouri; Roll: M653_636; Page: 0; Image: 45.
319/295 G. W. MCKINNEY 45 farmer b. PA
Rhoda 43 b. OH
William 20
James 16
Samuel (?) 8 male b. IN
Frances M. 23 b. OH
Barbara 21
318/296 Jno. RESTER 30 and Polly 32 b. MO and TN

Robert Eugene McKenney is now living in Mason, Lawrence, Ohio next to William L. Miller and wife Katherine Hammond who are from Harrison Co. Ohio, and a John Shaeffer, son of Conrad Shaeffer. These Shaeffers don’t appear to be related to the Harrison County Ohio Shaeffers who moved to Van Buren, but brother Conrad Shaeffer married an unknown Elizabeth Shaeffer so there may be an unknown connection. John Shaeffer had married Martha Dement in 1853 in Noble, Ohio (formerly Monroe, Ohio). Martha Dement’s brother was Samuel Dement married to Sarah Earles (both born in Noble, Ohio) and living in Mason, Lawrence, Ohio. Sarah Jane Earles’ first cousin was a Richard R. Earles born in Lawrence, Ohio in 1832. He was married to Lucinda Boggs some time in the 1850s. At this time, Luncinda Boggs’ sister, Virginia Boggs, is living in Windsor, Lawrence, Ohio. Some time before 1866 she marries George Neff and dies in St. Deroin, Nemaha, Nebraska in 1869, leaving one son, William B. Neff who maries Millie E. Tesson, daughter of Joseph Tesson Sr. and Ioway Sarah Cloud. Virginia is listed as Jennie Boggs in the Nuzum bios. George Neff’s brother, Daniel Neff, appears to be living beside Charles Roubidoux and Catherine (Ioway) in the 1860 Nemaha County, Nebraska census.

Year: 1860; Census Place: Mason, Lawrence, Ohio; Roll: M653_997; Page: 91; Image: 182.
July 31
William L. MILLER 54 b. OH and Katherine Hammond and family (William b. Harrison County OH, can’t find in 1850 census)
Katherine 53 PA
Nathan 18 OH
Katherine 16
Peter 14
Elizabeth 12
Anthony S. HALLER? 68 b. PA and Mary
b. 1806 jan 2 harrison ohio, died 1880 Mason Lawrence Ohio
1229/1219 John SHAFER 30 Farmer $800 $1125 born illegible
Martha 24 b. OH
Chuck? 6 attended school b. OH
Numan? 4 b. OH
John W. 2 b. OH
1230/1220 Robt E. McKINNEY 40 Shoemaker $250/$50 b. Ohio
Mary 42 b. OH
Samuel 15 Farm laborer in school b. OH
Rebecca 13 in school b. OH
Mary E. 11 in school b. OH
John 9 in school b. OH
Alice 7 b. OH
William JOSEPH 45 b. VA and Lucinda and family
William STEPHEN 70 b. PA and Phebe and family

Rebecca McKenney, proposed widow of John 1 McKenney b. 1790-1810 remains in Millwood, Guernsey, Ohio.

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Millwood, Guernsey, Ohio; Roll: M653_969; Page: 25; Image: 50.
346/357 Rebecca MCKENNEY 50 widow lady $150 b. PA
Sarah 16 OH

She is located between Francis ADDESON a cabinet maker and Moses MARSH, a house carpenter.

John S. McKenney was in Cambridge, Guernsey Ohio in 1850. It is unknown how he fits into the picture. He is now i Union, Muskingum, Ohio.

1860 Union, Muskingum, Ohio.
William Yaw and Margaret family, Robert Thacher and Sarah family, Edward Smith and Sarah family, John Vandervort and Nancy family
797/768 John S. McKinney 51 carpenter
Joanna 41
Joanna E. 19
Margaret 16
William 14
Otha 10
Isaac 1/12
John Smock family, William Garrett and Louisa family, Isaac Storer and Polly family

Job Yarnell is now in Union, Van Buren, Iowa.

pg. 372
1 850 855 McAllister Sarah 12 F Ind X
2 851 856 Randall J J 31 M Merchant 500 3,000 Ind
3 851 856 Randall Adeline E 25 F O
4 851 856 Randall Wm 2 M Iowa
5 851 856 Workman Margaret A 16 F O X
6 852 857 Yarnell Jo 69 M Farmer 500 150 Pa
7 853 857 Yarnell Lydia J 32 F N. Y.
8 853 857 Yarnell Mary 1 F Iowa
9 853 857 Yarnell Jane 5/12 F Iowa
10 853 857 Stanberry H V 6 M N. Y. X
11 854 858 Bailey Wm 28 M Millwright 100 C. W.
12 854 858 Bailey Elvira 23 F Pa
13 854 858 Bailey Charles 6 M O
14 855 859 Fair S. C. 28 M Farmer 160 Pa
15 855 859 Fair Rebecca J 21 F O
16 855 859 Fair Wilber 2 M Iowa
17 856 860 Parker W. J. 36 M Merchant 1,800 8,000 Va
18 856 860 Parker Lavina 32 F N. Y.
19 856 860 Parker Margaret A 14 F Iowa X
20 856 860 Parker L. W. 9 M Iowa X
21 856 860 Parker J. W. 7 M Iowa X
22 856 860 Parker W. J. 4 M Iowa
23 856 860 Parker Frank C 1 M Iowa
24 856 860 Anderson M. J. 30 F Housekeeper Ind
25 857 861 Shott Saml B 34 M Blacksmith 800 600 O
26 857 861 Shott Alvina 20 F Iowa
27 857 861 Shott Mary E 6 F O X
28 857 861 Shott Isabella 2 F Iowa
29 857 861 Shott Susannah 23 F O
30 857 861 Shott Phebe R 28 F O
31 857 861 Hughes R. 20 M Blacksmith O


Rebecca True, daughter of Wesley True and Sarah Sherrod, marries William Anderson Barker, son of Joseph Barker and Anna Manchester, in Van Buren, Iowa.


Lick Creek, Van Buren, Iowa. Bluett Partelow lives next to Jeremiah Shaefer and George Shaefer and the Hackneys. The Shaefers are related to George W. McKenney via Robert McKenney. (Go to 1920 now for more on the Shaefers.)


William McKenney b. 1827 is still in Van Buren, IA living next to the Ira Kelsey family. Sarah Murdock, a sister-in-law of Ira, is living now in the household of Alpheus Cutler in Fremont. (Cutlers and Murdocks were part of a break-away sect of Mormonism headed by Alphaeus Cutler, whose specific mission had been to preach to Indians.) In 1867, Mary Cutler, Alphaeus’ granddaughter, will have moved to Hancock Illinois and will marry George Washington Martin. George Martin’s grandparents are Hugh Wilson and Susan Skiles. His uncle Wilson married Susanna Spoonamore, daughter of Philip and Rachel in 1833.

William Spoonamore, Susanna’s brother, is in the Rulo Richardson NE census beside F.F. Dupuis then after that is in Holt MO.


In 1860, Marion Campbell, who marries Martha Elizabeth McKenney abt. 1867, (daughter of G. W. McKenney Sr. b. 1832) is in Richland, Putnam, Missouri. The Campbells live between John and Brant Flanegin. John Flanegin was living next to William Level in 1850, whose daughter married Thomas C. Lytle, carpenter to the Ioway who is in the 1855 census with John Baptiste Roy. (Willliam Level is in the 1854 and 1855 Richardson, Nebraska Territorial census as well…it’s noted he dug a home in a hillside and sold alcohol to the Indians.) After Lytle dies, Louisa Level Lytle in 1863 marries William Freel, whose brother, Benoni, was living next to the Douds in Village, Van Buren, Iowa, followed by our G. W. McKenney Sr. living beside Douds in 1860 in Village, Van Buren, Iowa. In 1860, William Freel is living 3 households from Eli Firebaugh in Rulo, Richardson, Nebraska. (Benoni Freel also is in Richardson, NE by 1870.)

The Firebaughs/Heastons/Forneys etc., a number of families related to the Shaeffer/McKinneys, had moved out to Holt Co. Missouri from Harrison Co. Ohio about 1850. When Rulo is founded they are found in Rulo living intermingled in the census with many of the Nemaha Reservation families. They live in households next to Nemaha allottees, the Kenceleurs, the Plants, the Benoists, the Picottes, Charles Robidoux.

In Falls City, the line-up is Thomas Lytle, Mary Firebaugh and Peter Livermore and Joseph Vetter (2nd husband of Pagrachena)/John Roy/Elisha Dorion. Lytle was living beside John Baptist Roy in 1854. Afterwards, some move on to Wolf River in Doniphan. (See 1840 McKenney Notes column for more information)


S. Peter Shaeffer marries Susanna Stong.


William McKenney, brother of George W. McKenney Sr., enlists in the 19th Iowa Infantry, Company I, and dies this year at Prairie Grove, Washington, Arkansas.


Sac and Fox Wilson McKenney enlists in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Falls City, Richardson, Nebraska.


Robert Eugene McKenney lives in Flandreau, Moody, South Dakota from 1862 to 1864. He will again live there in 1884.


Thomas Anderson Moore, b. 1832 in Harrison Co., OH, son of James Updegraph Moore and Rebecca Cook, marries Clarissa Van Bergen Pilcher in St. Louis, Missouri. Clarissa’s father was Ezekiel Pilcher and was given as going west with his uncle Joshua Pilcher (who married Porporine Barada of the Nemaha Reserve Baradas) and was said to be a “favorite” of his. Thomas Anderson Moore’s grandparents were Martin Cook and Elizabeth Firebaugh, sister of John Firebaugh who married Elizabeth Friend, whose children are on the Nemaha Reserve in 1860. Rebecca Cook’s sister, Catherine, has married James Arbaugh and they are in Village, Van Buren, Iowa by 1870 living beside John Stong wose sister married S. Peter Shaeffer. (See 1870, James Arbaugh and Catherine Cook.)


Back to the Firebaughs and all that clan who moved from Harrison County, Ohio out to Richardson County, Nebraska and who were relatives of the Shaeffers. At the same time, in 1861, down in Saint Louis Missouri, Clarissa Pilcher, daughter of Ezekiel Pilcher, a nephew of Joshua Pilcher (husband of Porporine Barada), married Thomas Anderson Moore of Harrison County, Ohio. Thomas Anderson Moore’s mother was a Rebecca Cook who was daughter of Martin Cook and Elizabeth Firebaugh, aunt of the Firebaughs who have by 1860 landed in Richardson County, Nebraska on the Nemaha Reserve. This Rebecca Cook had a sister, Catherine Cook who married James Arbaugh and by 1870 was living in Village, Van Buren County, Iowa next door to John Stong, brother of Susanna who married S. Peter Shaeffer in 1861.


George W. McKenney, son of Robert McKenney, married to Rhoda Scarborough, settles about now in Blackford, Indiana where son William marries Rebecca Benedict.


William McKenney b, 1827 had died in the Civil War. His wife is still living but 4 of their children are in the soldiers Orphans Home at Davenport, Iowa. They are there at least 1863 thru 1867. By 1870, two of these children are again living with Esther in Washington, Van Buren, Iowa. Daughter Esther, who was in the orphanage, is not to be found in the 1870 census but marries in Van Buren, Iowa in 1873. Luther McKenney, who was in the orphanage, is not observed again. This family remains in Iowa. (One has to wonder why family didn’t step in to take care of these children.)


Jacob L. Shaeffer, son of George Shaeffer and Margaret Saltzgiver, marries Mary True, daughter of Wesley True and Sarah Sherrod, in Van Buren, Iowa.


Addie McKenney, daughter of G. W. McKenney Sr. b. 1832 and Isabella, is said to have been born in Boone County, Iowa.


Robert Eugene McKenney is in Minnetonka, Hennepin, Minnesota with wife Mary Bartow, living beside Samuel Bartow who is the widower of Mary S. McKenney.


Mark Scarborough, brother of Rhoda who married George W. McKenney, son of Robert McKenney, has settled in Iowa, Doniphan, Kansas (which is next the Nemaha/Iowa Reservation). The family remains here.
In 1860 this family was in the process of migrating, then in Jefferson, Andrew, Missouri. In 1860 George W. McKenney b. 1816 who married Rhoda Scarborough was also in Missouri, but in Morgan County.
48/48 George Sutton and Margaret, 25 and 27
49/49 Mark SCARBRAUGH 57 farmer OH
Cornelia 36 PA
Johnathan 15 OH
Amanda 4 IN
Samuel 1 MO
50/50 Mildred MCGEE 64 VA


Marion Campbell (see 1860 Roy column), marries Martha Elizabeth McKenney, daughter of G. W. McKenney Sr. and Isabella.


In 1867, Mary Cutler, Alphaeus’ granddaughter, marries George Washington Martin in Hancock Co IL. George Martin’s grandparents are Hugh Wilson and Susan Skiles. His uncle Wilson married Susanna Spoonamore, daughter of Philip and Rachel in 1833.


In 1867, Mary Cutler, Alphaeus’ granddaughter, marries George Washington Martin in Hancock Co IL. George Martin’s grandparents are Hugh Wilson and Susan Skiles. His uncle Wilson married Susanna Spoonamore, daughter of Philip and Rachel in 1833.
George Neff marries Virginia Boggs, mother of William B. Neff who marries Millie Tesson in 1888. See 1860 McKenney column for connection to Robert Eugene McKenney.


Joseph Vetter dies.
Mary Roy, daughter of John Baptiste Roy and Pagrachena, marries William Franklin.

Now on to the 1870s.

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