McKenneys of Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey and Harrison Counties, Ohio-1850

Continued from 1840s notes

Hopefully you have landed here because you are researching a McKenney/McKinney family who came from Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey or Harrison counties of Ohio. If so, please contact me so that we can share information. Several families from the area now have taken a yDNA-37 test at FTDNA, and we need more families from the area to do this so that we may begin to get a better picture of these families and possible relationships between them.

The focus of my study right now are George Washington McKenney Sr. b. abt. 1832 in Ohio, William McKenney b. abt. 1827 in Ohio, married in Monroe Ohio, and Robert Eugene McKenney born about 1821 in Pennsylvania. They are each from the same area in Ohio and went to Van Buren County, Iowa and are closely connected, so I am assuming they are either brothers are cousins. DNA research shows this branch of McKenneys is not Scotch-Irish. Instead they are Irish and related to Irish McKennas.

As far as I can tell, no one has much studied the McKenneys from this area and I’m hoping eventually some people will drop by who are descendants of McKenney families from Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey and Harrison Counties in Ohio.

Some of the below is good solid census research. Other parts are speculation and subject to change as evidence presents itself, and hopefully evidence will present itself.

Things get confusing because of the repetitive names in these McKenney families of George Washington, William, John and Robert. I try to keep things straight by consistently (annoyingly, repetitively) attaching birth dates to individuals.

I’m also including research on the Bartows and some Shaffer families of Harrison county who married into the McKenney family, and also families who seem to be closely connected as they made the migration out to Iowa at the same time the McKenneys did, or who moved to the Ioway/Great Nemaha Reservation area at that time. George W. McKenney Sr. b. 1832 is said to have married an Ioway woman and I feel examination of these families is pertinent. These families who move to the Ioway/Great Nemaha Reservation are connected with the McKenneys through marriage but more obviously through close neighborhood associations with the Bartows and Shaffers.

We may never have direct lines for these McKenneys and may have to make do with a clan umbrella of kinship.

Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison and Monroe counties in Ohio

Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison and Monroe counties, Ohio, 1833

Early McKinney/McKenney families in Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison and Monroe, Ohio

Source of my modified 1833 map: The David Rumsey Map Collection

G. W. McKenney Sr. b. 1832 and Isabella are in the Enoch, Monroe, Ohio census living next to Enoch Hays then Jacob Miller who is married to Jane Scarborough (the sister of Rhoda Scarborough who married G. W. McKenney b. 1816 the conjectured uncle of my G. W.) Then there is the household of Margaret McKenney, widow of Robert McKenney b. 1770 who has died.

John McKenney 2 of Oxford b. 1795-1805, who was on the same page as Robert Sr. in the 1830 census, has up and disappeared between 1840 and 1850. His wife is unidentified and (if William b. 1827 and George b. 1832 are his sons) this leaves at least 6 males and 3 females unidentified. The eldest male would now be 25 to 30, as would the eldest female, there would be two males 20 to 25 years of age and 1 female 20 to 25 years of age, 3 males 15 to 20 years of age and 1 female 10 to 15 years of age. All those McKenneys! Someone find ’em! Certainly there are descendants out there looking for their families of origin?

pg. 328 (271 ancestry) Enoch Township
198/199 George MCKINNEY 21 carpenter b. OH
Isabella 21 b. PA
199/200 Enoch HAYES 31 Ohio farmer 300
Rachel 28
Mary E. 8
Sarah 7
Thinsey F 5
William H 1
NOTE: Enoch HAYES b. 18 March 1817 Noble Co. OH, died 4 August 1874 OH Father Frederick HAYES b. abt. 1784 in NC and Elizabeth b. 1795 GA. Married Rachel MARCHBANKS b. 8 Oct. 1822 in Nobel Co. OH or Lanark, Dumfrey, Scotland. From what I see of the family given on the web they stayed in Ohio. MARCHBANKS is also given as MARSHBANK at HAYES Genforum.
The 1830 Guersey Co. Beaver census shows Edmund HAISE, Bailey HAISE, Ogden GREY, John TOWNSEND, John MCKINNEY 3 1 – – 1/1 1 – – 1, Henry MORGAN, WIlliam DOWNEY. Edmund and Bailey appear to be sons of a brother of Frederick HAYES, named Bailey, b. 1775 in GA., died 1845 in Guernsey. Further down the page is Robert MCKINNEY – – 1 – 2 – – 1/ – – – – 2 – 1. Etc. See preceding posts on this census.

200/201 Jacob MILLER 33 b. PA
Jane 34 or 24 b. OH
Elizabeth 7
Joseph 6
Rebecca 4
Permelia J. 3
John 8/12
Jacob MILLER Jr. b. 1803 in Washington Township PA, died 16 March 1894 in Cambridge, Center Twp., Guernsey Co. OH, married Jane SCARBOROUGH. Jane SCARBOROUGH’s sister, Rhoda, married the other George W. McKINNEY (b. 1816) in this census and most of the siblings seem to have married in Guernsey. Jacob MILLER’s father, Jacob Sr., is observed in the 1800 census of Washington Co. PA
202/202 Margaret McKENNEY 74 b. Ireland
Ann 46 b. PA
Robert 43
Margaret 5 b. OH

See 1840 Monroe census showing Robert MCLUNNY in this place. This is Margaret, widow of Robert McKenney b. 1770. I have found an old source that gives Margaret as mother to George W. McKenney b. 1816. Ann appears to be one of the daughters. But who is Margaret? A granddaughter? Whose daughter? Robert is perhaps the 30 to 40 year old male in the 1840 Robert McKenney census All of these people disappear after this year. Both Margarets and and Ann and Robert all disappear.
203/203 James FITCH 63 b. PA
Elizabeth 53 b.?
Mahala 21 b. OH
Jackson 10
Harrison 18
Eincon or Lincoln? Kenney 5 (m)
George 4 or 6
James 4
Elizabeth 14
204/204 James FITCH 32 b. PA
Rebecca? 26 b. OH
Mary A. 7
Mahala 3
Simon 2
Malissa 4/12
205/205 Andrew FOREMAN 37 b. OH
Mary 32
Mary 14
Robert 13
James 11
William 9
Hanah ?
John 2
205/206 Nelson CUSTER 27 b. OH and Mary

George W. McKenney b. 1816, son of Robert McKenney b. c. 1770, is also living in Enoch, Monroe, Ohio with his wife Rhoda Scarborough.

1850 Enoch, Monroe, Ohio
pg. 16 or pg. 334B
Thomas WEEKLEY 31
Phillip BLAZER 41
315/315 Sarah HERRING 42 b. OH
WIlliam McMEANEY 17
Thomas 13
Elisa A. 12
Rebecca MCKINNEY 3
NOTE: It is difficult to tell if this name is McKinney or not.
316/316 John YOUNG 25 and Sarah (b. OH)
317/317 Benyama or Benjamin? VAUGHN 27 and May
William VAUGHN also in household 27 b. VA and Catherine McMEANEY or McKINNEY 10
318/318 John ALLTOP or AUTOP 55 and Sarah
319/319 William YOUNG 73 and Elizabeth 54, PA and OH
320/320 James BROWN 52 and Mary

pg. 336B
343/343 John A. STABB 26 and Magdalena
344/344 George MCKENNEY 32 PA
Rhoda 32 OH
Frances 14
William 10
James 6

Rebecca SCARBOROUGH married George MCKINNEY (household #344 1850 Monroe County, Enoch census). Her sister Jane married Jacob MILLER. Residing between G. W. MCKENNEY Sr. b. 1832 and Margaret MCKENNEY in the 1850 Monroe Co. Enoch census is Rebecca SCARBOROUGH’s sister who married Jacob MILLER.This is Jacob MILLER Jr. b. 1803 in Washington Township PA, died 16 March 1894 in Cambridge, Center Twp., Guernsey Co. OH. Rhoda’s parents were Joseph SCARBOROUGH Jr. b. 20 Jan 1776 in Bucks Co. PA and Rebecca BARNETT b. 1786 in PA. Rhoda’s sister Jane married Jacob MILLER son of Jacob MILLER in Guernsey. The 1830 Guernsey OH census shows a Jacob MILLER with one 15-20 year old son living between Timothy SHARRICK? and Benjamin STIGLER. Further down that page is a Peter YAGGE or YAGGER living next to a William SHAFER. Rhoda’s father died in 1825. Her family is perhaps that of Rebecca SCARBROT observed in 1830 Guernsey County, Center Township, pg. 458. In 1830 her brother Benjamin is in Belmont CO., Pultney, pg. 277 residing two households from a James KELSEY Jr. who is not likely related to the KELSEYs residing next to William MCKINNEY b. 1827 in 1850 Van Buren Co. IA. There are no familiar names beside the SCARBOROUGHS in the 1830 and 1840 census.

Guess who else has disappeared? John McKenney 1 b. 1795-1805. Oxford, Guernsey, Ohio shows Rebecca McKenney (conjectured widow of John McKenney 1) living beside Isaac Montgomery who was neighboring in 1840. McNeeleys are in both households. These families are likely related. (A brother, James Montgomery, dies in Grant, Indiana in 1867, and McKenneys have moved to Grant, Indiana by that time.) John McNeeley is in the Isaac Montgomery household. His son James’ mother-in-law was Margaret McKinney Delong. She was born about 1790 in Pennsylvania and married to Solomon Delong in 1807 in Jefferson, Ohio. She dies in Madison Iowa in 1867. Solomon Delong’s sister is a Mary who is married to an Arthur Chenoweth whose mother is an Elizabeth Baxter closely related to the Baxters with whom G. W. McKenney Sr.b. 832 is living in 1865.

It is confusing that Rebecca would be in Oxford rather than Millford, if she is the wife of John of the 1840 Millford census, however, the Montgomeries live beside her and they were 8 households from John in the Millford census. Also, people that were directly adjacent to John of Oxford in the 1840 census are this year instead in the Millford census, while no McKenneys appear there. I’m supposing there was something going on with redistricting. By 1860, Rebecca is back in Millford and is there in 1870.

1850 OH, Guernsey Co., Oxford
pg. 20
pg. 256
1658 Isaac MONTGOMERY 45 b. unknown
Elizabeth 44
Nancy 30 b. OH
James 28
Andrew 16
David 14
Rebecca 13
Mitchell MCNEELY 10
1652/1658 Rebecca MCKENNEY 45 b. OH
Allen 20 b. OH
Eliza 1

NOTE: I am conjecturing this woman is the widow of John 1 who was in Millwood, Guernsey, Ohio in 1840. That household had 2 males 5 to 10 years of age who would be 15 to 20 and possibly out of the home, except for the above Allen. There were 2 males 10 to 15 who would be 20 to 25 and they would be out of the home There was also a male who was 15 to 20 who would be now 25 to 30 who I conjecture to be Robert Eugene McKenney. There were 2 females 0 to 5 years of age who would be now 10 to 15. Where are they? There were also 2 females 15 to 20 who would be now 25 to 30 and out of the home. Those are a lot of unknown McKenneys. The 2 females who would be 10 to 15 who are missing are troublesome. Did they die?

Robert Eugene McKenney is in the Carlisle Township, Monroe Co. Ohio census and he and family in the household of a John Ray (unknown what connection the Rays have if any).

Pg. 208 (232 ancestry) Carlisle Township
101/101 William FARLEY 46
Mary 38
Isaac 17
Alfred 15
Mary 13
Martha E. 10
John 4
July 1
102/102 Naoma SPENCE 46
George W. 22
Elizabeth 20
Mary 16
Michael 16
James 10
Ruth 4
103/103 Jesse L. BIVEN 40
Jane 45
John M. 19
Martha 14
Harriet M. 11
Elisa L. 8
104/104 John FARLEY 33
Julia A. 25
Naoma 8
Mary A. 6
Susannah 4
Manua 2 (f)
105/105 Noami BIVEN 71
Finley 29
Sarah 23
George W. 6
Richard M. 1
Amanda 2/12
NOTE: See all these Bevans? Take a look back at the 1820 census in Belmont, the William McKenney b. 1775 who disappears off the map after 1820. He has next to him a John Bevan. This Naomi is his widow an Jesse and Findley are his sons! Could John McKenney 1 b. 1795-1805 possibly have been a son of this William who was already out of the household?
106/106 Isaac IAMS 40
Elizabeth 38
Elenor 14
George 12
Rebecca 10
113/113 John RAY 28 Carpenter b. VA
Mary A. RAY 30
John R. 6 b. OH
Nelson 1 b.
Robert E. MCKENNEY 29 or 39 shoemaker b. PA
Mary 34 b. OH
Samuel b. IA
Rebecca? 2 f. b. OH
William 1

NOTE: This is Robert Eugene McKenney. The MCKENNEY family has already been in Iowa and back. Have yet to find why they may be in the Ray household.
114/114 William MCKETOUCK 29 farmer b. OH
Nancy 25
Peter YOHO 7
David F. 3
NOTE: Name seems to be McKITORICK or MCKITRICK according to a Genforum posting. There are other YOHOS in this census. They come from France to PA and are in Ohio Co. VA (now Marshall County West Virginia) by 1778.
William MCKETOUCK was the husband of Nancy HARDESTY, daughter of Richard and Mary Lamb HODGES. Nancy HARDESTY’s cousin, Mary Polly (daughter of Obediah and Mary) married a Thomas IIAMS. Thomas had a brother, Samuel, who married Eliasabeth MEEK. Isaac IIAMS b. 1806 was adopted by them.
William MCKINNEY b. 1795, the proposed eldest son of Robert McKenney b. 1770, married a Susannah HARDESTY. She was the widow of Samuel Hardesty who was a brother of the above Nancy Ann Hardesty. So we have here Robert Eugene McKenney living next to William McKenney’s wife’s first husband’s sister!

115/115 Sanford RHODES 59 teamster b. VA
Margery 57 b. PA
and family
NOTE: According to posting at Rhodes Genforum, Sanford RHODES married Margaret MOORE.
116/116 Ivet? RINEHART 24 and Nancy both b. PA
117/117 John 31 and Elisa 28 PHILLIPS and family b. OH
Nancy PHILLIPS 64 b. Maryland
Job YOHO 11 b. OH
118/118 John MCGOREY 30 and Elizabeth 22 and family b. OH
119/119 John MCBRIDE 69 b. PA and Christina 66 b. OH
Nancy WELLS 14
120/120 Peter BANES 47 b. MD and Jane 40 b. OH and family

Who is John S. McKenney? This below John appears as John S. in the 1860 Union, Muskingum, Ohio census. Sarchets appear again in 1880 Cambridge, Guernsey, Ohio beside another McKenney.

1850 OH, Guernsey Co., Cambridge
2105 John ROLESON 50 and Hannah
2106 John MCKINNEY 40 farmer b. PA
Joanna 31 b. OH
Harriet E. 11
Joanna E. 9
Margaret E. 7
William T. 5

2107 Asa SAMMON 69 and Nancy
2108 Thomas SARCHET 18 and Milissa
2109 Thomas SARCHET 35 and Sacrissa
2110 John MAGREGOR 52 and Leticia
2111 Samuel ROBERTSON 40 and Sarah

2118 James WALKER 61 or 41 b. PA
William 14
Martha MCNARY 22
Thomas W 6/12

Samuel Bartow and Mary S. McKenney are this year in Redding, Jackson, Indiana. By 1852 they will be in Hennepin, Minnesota where they will remain.

Robert SUTHERLAND? b. KY and Esther and family
William A. MAYBE 29 upper Canada and Sarah
497/507 Samuel BARTO 32 teacher b. OH
Mary 40 b. PA
Robert W. 5 b. OH
Luther B. 3
Margaret A. 2
Eli 50 farmer b. NY
Nicholos MEGER? Germany and Catherine
George WOLFMAN Germany and John
Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: Redding, Jackson, Indiana; Roll: M432_152; Page: 131; Image: 264.

G.W. McKenney’s b, 1832 supposed brother, William McKenney b. 1827, is in Van Buren IA residing next to Ira Kelsey. See 1852 Spoonamore column.

1850 IA Van Buren Co. Washington Township

81/81 Thomas Trigg and Ellen from KY
82/82 Daniel and Celeste CRAWFORD 24 PA and OH
83/83 Jane MCCUTCHEON 50 NY
84/84 Mary NICHOLS 29 and family NY
85/85 James MCCUTCHEON 56 and family NY
86/86 Ira KELSEY 41 NY and Caroline 40 and family (oldest child, 14, born OH)
Note: Ira KELSEY’s sister, Rachel, married Hiram MURDOCK in Council Bluffs in 1848.
See Thaddeus Cutler notes.

87/87 Wm. MCKINNEY 22 OH
Esther 26 PA
Hannah 4 OH
Eli 3
Francis 3/12 IA
Eli YOUNG 60 PA (is believed to be Eli YARNELL)

88/88 John SHEPHERD 29 and Jane and family VA and PA
Beniah BARRING 66 (in above house)
89/89 Nancy INGLES PA and Wesley and Margaret b. OH
90/90 Esther McCRACKEN PA and family from PA
91/91 Jacob W…ff? NY

Job Yarnell is in Lick Creek, Van Buren, Iowa.

In Lick Creek, Van Buren, IA. pg. 343
107/107 Job YARNELL 59 Farmer b. PA
Catharine 48 PA
Amelia 20 OH
J. Thomas 18
Eli 15
180/180 William BURCH or BUNCH 35 b. PA and Sarah
109/109 Foster ANDERSON 25 and Mary
100/110 John HENDERSON 25 and Angeline
111/111 Bartlett LANCASTER 52 VA and Mary


Frances Firebaugh, daughter of John Firebaugh and Elizabeth Friend, marries John Heaston in Harrison, Ohio and moves to the Nemaha Reserve.


Amanda Rippeth, daughter of James Rippeth and Mary Amspoker, marries John Firebaugh, son of John Firebaugh and Elizabeth Friend, in Carroll Co. Ohio.


In 1850 Thomas Charlton (a trader with the Sac and Fox). Nearby is the family of Robert Meek (born Wayne, Ohio), son of William Meek who arived in Van Buren in 1838, and on the other side of him is an Anderson Poe. In the Meek household is a 12 year old Cynthia Robb (nothing is known about her). Robert Meek’s niece marries Eugenus Glasscock 1871 in Van Buren Iowa (Glasscocks married into the William McKenney family abt 1887). His sister Mary is married to Thomas Charlton. Another sister of Meek’s, Rachel, is married to Anderson Poe. Unknown if this John Love figures in in anyway. I can find out nothing more about him.


In Lick Creek, Van Buren, Iowa, Bluett Partlow lives next to Leger Stout and George Shaeffer, related to George W. McKenney (b. 1832) via Robert Eugene McKenney. William McKenney (b. 1827) is now in the county.


G.W. McKenney’s (b. 1832) conjectured brother, William McKenney (b. 1827) is in Van Buren IA residing next to Ira Kelsey. See 1852 below.


In 1850 the family of a William Level is in District 29, Putnam, Missouri. His daughter Louisa comes into play soon with a marriage to Thomas C. Lytle, carpenter to the Ioway. (See 1860)


In 1850, a Gratten Poage, who had been residing in Jefferson, Monroe, Missouri in 1840 (where live other Poages) is now living next to David and Joseph Franklin in Perry, Allen, Ohio, brothers of Eli Franklin (married to Ellen Chenoweth) whose son William will marry Mary Roy. Residing in Jefferson, Monroe, Ohio in 1860 is a Elizabeth Margaret Poage who has married to a George Van Eman abt 1850. George Van Eman’s uncle was Nicholas Van Eman who was married to Margaret Baird. (See 1837 McKenney notes for relevance to Baird/Rigg family.) George and Elizabeth Poage Van Eman relocate to Van Buren, Van Buren, Iowa where in 1871 Martha Van Eman will marry Arnold Coles Barker, son of Joseph Barker and Anna Manchester. A sister of Arnold Coles Barker is married to Henry I. Shaeffer.


Benjamin Heaston, son of John Heaston and Christina Gundy, marries Catherine Ann Rippeth, daughter of James Rippeth and Mary Amspoker, in Carroll County, Ohio.


In Lick Creek, Van Buren, IA:
Job YARNELL 3 males 2 females
Anthony CROOK
William BIRCH


Joshua Wells Baker, blacksmith to the Sac and Fox, having died, his family moves to the Kaw Reservation. His daughter Eliza marries Thomas Sears Huffaker this year in Council Grove, Morris, Kansas. He is a missionary to the Kaw. His daughter Eliza marries Eli Sewell of Van Buren, Iowa, who was first in the Indian trade with the Sac and Fox then went to Council Grove. His daughter Sarah married Emmanuel Mosier who was first a blacksmith for the Sac and Fox and then a blacksmith for the Kaw in Council Grove. His son William, who married Isabel Frances Hackney, has moved out to Oregon. Years later he gives several newspaper interviews on his family having lived among the Sac and Fox.

The George W. McKenney and Rhoda Scarborough McKenney family have already left Ohio. Their youngest son Samuel is born in Indiana.


Ira Kelsey’s sister is married to a Murdock (married in Council Bluffs in 1848) and is living in Fremont Iowa near an Alpheus Cutler. Also on that page are William Kencleur, John Floury and Peter Livermore, all who in 1860 go to the Nemaha Reserve where their familes are allotted. A John Kelsey family is two houses from the Livermores. (See 1860 this column)


Robert Eugene McKenney is back out in Iowa. A son is born in Council Bluffs in 1853. He then moves out to Minnesota but is back in Ohio in 1860 and perhaps in 1880.


In 1853 Rev. Edmund McKinney gives up his Otoe-Omaha missionary post in Bellevue/Council Bluffs to Rev. William Hamilton who had before then been a missionary to the Ioway with Samuel Irvin. This McKinney is descending down a different line of McKinneys and is no relation to our own.


The Ioways and Sac and Fox remove from Wolf River to the reserve in Nebraska and Kansas.

Treaty with the Ioway gives John Baptiste Roy the Wolf Grove land which is later sold to Samuel Irvin.


Sac and Fox Wilson McKenney is in attendance at the Ioway Indian Mission school.


A family account gives Solomon Forney, in the company of his father, Peter, Mother Frances, and 41 others, going to Holt County, Missouri (neighboring the Nemaha) in 1849. Perhaps some family did move at that time. But it’s stated they were passengers on the Ben West steamer that sank near Boonville Mo. stranding them for three weeks. However, the Ben West, put into service in 1849, didn’t sink until August 10 1855.


Henry I. Shaeffer, son of George Shaeffer and Margaret Saltzgiver, marries Eliza Jane Barker in Iowa.


John Baptiste Roy observed in the Richardson, Nebraska Ioway Reserve census with a John Sperry, blacksmith, and a Thomas Lytle, b. Ohio, who serves as a carpenter.


Job Yarnell resides in Lick Creek, Van Buren, IA beside son Ithamer Yarnell.


George W. McKenney b. 1832 and Isabella move to Van Buren, Iowa and are in the census next to William McKenney b. 1827 in 1856. I am thinking that a good time for them to move would have been when all the Harrison County Ohio families were moving in 1855, but daughter Lucinda gives herself as born in Ohio in November of 1855. Smith Henshaw, living next to them, is from Belmont, OH and is given in bios as having moved in 1854 to Van Buren.


Joseph Forney appears in the Richardson, Nebraska territorial census.


Iowa, Van Buren, Lick Creek. Bluett Partlow lives next to Mary Buckmaster and George Shaeffer, related to George W. McKenney b. 1832 via Robert Eugene McKenney.


William Oliver Picken marries Mary Shaeffer, daughter of George Shaeffer and Margaret Saltzgiver, in Iowa.


John Baptiste Roy, merchant and proprietor of Roy’s Ferry at Rulo, dies. An individual who owes him money is a James W. Love (b. abt 1805 in Ireland) who is in the Rulo, Richardson, Nebraska census in 1860, as is his apparent son Elijah Henry Love who was born abt 1821 in PA. Nothing is known about this James W. Love. These Loves have nothing to do with Isabella.

Now on to the 1860s.

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