McKenneys of Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey and Harrison Counties, Ohio-1820s

Hopefully you have landed here because you are researching a McKenney/McKinney family who came from Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey or Harrison counties of Ohio. If so, please contact me so that we can share information. Several families from the area now have taken a yDNA-37 test, and we need more families from the area to do this so that we may begin to get a better picture of these families and possible relationships between them.

The focus of my study right now are George Washington McKenney Sr. b. abt. 1832 in Ohio, William McKenney b. abt. 1827 in Ohio, married in Monroe Ohio, and Robert Eugene McKenney born about 1821 in Pennsylvania. They are each from the same area in Ohio and went to Van Buren County, Iowa and are closely connected, so I am assuming they are either brothers are cousins. DNA research shows this branch of McKenneys is not Scotch-Irish. Instead they are Irish and related to Irish McKennas.

Some of the below is good solid census research. Other parts are speculation and subject to change as evidence presents itself, and hopefully evidence will present itself.

Things get confusing because of the repetitive names in these McKenney families of George Washington, William, John and Robert. I try to keep things straight by consistently (annoyingly, repetitively) attaching birth dates to individuals.

I’m also including research on the Bartows and some Shaffer families of Harrison county who married into the McKenney family, and also families who seem to be closely connected as they made the migration out to Iowa at the same time the McKenneys did, or who moved to the Ioway/Great Nemaha Reservation area at that time. George W. McKenney Sr. b. 1832 is said to have married an Ioway woman and I feel examination of these families is pertinent. These families who move to the Ioway/Great Nemaha Reservation are connected with the McKenneys through marriage but more obviously through close neighborhood associations with the Bartows and Shaffers.

Present Belmont, Guernsey, Noble, Monroe and Harrison counties, OHio

First a little history leading up the 1820 census.


George McKinney Sr. b. c. 1760-1770 Ireland, who we will later find in Harrison Co. Ohio was married to Mary Campbell before 1794 in Ireland. The eldest son was born 1774-1794 in Pennsylvania but that son is not on any census after 1840 so his birthdate and place is uncertain. They had a daughter Elizabeth who is stated to have been born in Lancaster, PA in 1797. There’s a strong possibility this George is related to ours.

Circa 1770:

Robert McKenney is born in Ireland, later of Belmont, Guernsey and Monroe Counties, Ohio. If his eldest son is William McKenney b. 1795 who married Susannah Hardesty, they were still in Ireland in 1795 but migrated to Pennsylvania by 1804 where a daughter Anne was known to have been born (she is in the 1850 census).

Before 1775:

William McKinney, viewed in the 1820 Belmont, Ohio census is born. I believe him to likely be a relation.


William McKenney (possible son of the above Robert b. c. 1770), who married Susannah Hardesty in Belmont, Ohio, is born in Ireland. See 1825 for more on this individual.


John 1 McKenney of the Guernsey, Ohio censuses is born, as well as John 2 McKenney of Guernsey, Ohio. It’s’ unknown where. (There are 2 John McKenneys who appear in Guernsey, Ohio in the 1830 and 1840 census and I have referred to them by John 1 and John 2.) These McKenneys appear in independent households in Beaver, Guernsey County, Ohio in 1830 with Robert McKenney b. c. 1770. John 1 can also be called John of Millwood, and John 2 can be called John of Oxford. Only one of these could be a son of Robert McKenney Sr., and John 2 is the one living closest to him in 1830. Both Johns have census slots in their households accommodating Robert Eugene b. 1821, William b. 1827 and George W. Sr. b. 1832.


Lewis and Clark meet the Ioway.


Robert McKenney b. 1807 is a known son of Robert McKenney b. 1770s Ireland. He is seen in the 1850 census.


Mary S. McKenney is born 1810 in Pennsylvania. She marries Samuel Bartow in 1839. Conjecture right now is that she is the youngest daughter of Robert McKenney b. 1770. Robert Eugene McKenney will marry in 1846 Mary Bartow who is believed to be Samuel’s sister.


A known son of Robert McKenney b. c. 1770 in Ireland is George W. McKenney who is b. 1816 in Pennsylvania. He will later marry Rhoda Scarborough in 1835.


Robert McKenney b. c. 1770 in Ireland moves to Belmont Ohio from Pennsylvania. I have this time period for the move as his youngest son, the above mentioned George who marries Rhoda Scarborough, was born in Pennsylvania in 1816.

Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison and Monroe counties, Ohio, 1833

Early McKinney/McKenney families in Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison and Monroe, Ohio

Source of my modified 1833 map: The David Rumsey Map Collection

Robert McKenney and Margaret (born 1770s in Ireland), believed by me to be the grandparents or close relations of my G. W. McKenney Sr. and William McKenney of Van Buren, Iowa, are living in Richland, Belmont Co. Ohio in 1820, having come from PA. 5 male children and 2 female. 1 male under 10 b. 1810-1820. 1 male 10 to 16 b. 1810-1804. 2 males 16 to 26 b. 1804-1796. 1 male b. before 1775. 1 female 10 to 16 b. 1810 to 1804. 1 female 16 to 26 b. 1804 to 1794. 1 female 45 and up b. abt 1775. Neighboring names are Susan Hardesty, John Miers, Richard and Robert Hardesty, Rebekah English then Dennis Hall, James Ball, William Martin, William Bell, Joseph Bailey.

1820 for Robert McKinney
1 male under 10, b 1810 to 1820
1 male 10 to 16, b 1810 to 1804
1 male 16 to 18, b 1804 to 1802
2 males 16 to 26, b 1804 to 1796
1 male 45 and up, b 1775 before
1 female 10 to 16, b 1810 to 1804
1 female 16 to 26 b 1804 to 1794
1 female 45 and up, b 1775 abt

pg. 209
The Bevans appear again next to Robert Eugene McKenney in the 1850 census in Monroe County, Ohio.
William MCKINNEY 3 2 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 2
(3 males under 10, 2 10 to 16, 1 45 and up, 1 female under 10, 1 45 and up)
Conjectured brother of the below Robert. This William disappears after this census. Where did the family go?
Joseph BEEDY?
William NICHOL
pg. 213
Rudolph FARELL
Susan HARDISTEY 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
(2 males under 10, 1 female 26 to 45)
NOTE: A widow of Samuel Hardesty, she married a William McKINNEY in 1825. Samuel Hardesty’s sister, Nancy, now married to William McKittrick, appears in the 1850 census next to Robert Eugene McKenney.
Richard HARDISTEY 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
(1 male over 45, 1 female over 45)
Robert HARDISTEY 4 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 1
Robert MCKINNEY 1 1 1 2 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 3
(1 male under 10, 1 male 10 to 16, 1 male 16 to 18, 2 males 16 to 26, 1 45 and up, 1 female 10 to 16, 1 female 16 to 26, 1 female 45 and up.)
Dennis HALL
James BALL
William MARTIN
William BELL
Catherine DILLON

See above census, an Unknown William McKinney b. c. 1770s lives several pages over in Richland, Belmont Co., OH on Pg. 209, born mid 1770s with 5 male children and 1 female. 2 males under 10 b. abt. 1810-1820, 2 males 10 to 16 b. 1804 to 1810, 1 male 45 and up, 1 female under 10, 1 female 45 and up. Neighbors are John Scott, Henry Owens, Henry Givens, Benjamin Scritchfield, John Devore, Rachel Burdit, James Durvin, Dennis McMahan. This William appears to move out of the area after 1820. I consider it a good possibility he was a brother of the above Robert. 2 of his males and the female are candidates to be out of the household by 1830. 6 children to be identified.

Major James McKinney b. circa 1750 in PA is in Mead, Belmont, OH. Believed to not be relation to our McKenneys. He was in the Revolutionary War here and perhaps descends from the Mordecai line. If he does happen to be a relation it would likely be through an unknown marriage. (A DNA test on a male descendant would show if a relation as our McKenneys are from the McKenna clan in Ireland and not from Scotland.) His children are all known through his will. His neighbors here are Dennis Riley, Moses Dawson, William Brawdey, Samuel Day, William Ambler, then David Allbright, Israel Day, Moses Brawdy and Thomas McKnight. As for his children given in his will: Ann born before 1805, Josiah b. bef. 1805 m. Eleanor Rebecca Clark 1844 in Belmont OH; James L. b. 1770-1780 m. Lydia (?) before 1809; John Robert b. 1785 m. Sara Scott 1810 in Miami, OH; Thomas b. abt 1791 m. Mary Elizabeth Scott 1824 in Miami, OH; Archibald b. 1803 in PA m. Almira McKnight 1838 in Miami OH; Cynthia b. abt. 1805 m. Dillse; Elizabeth b. abt. 1805; then by wife Anna Fletcher, Jesse b. 1800; Margaret b. 1808 m. Samuel Dunn 1832 in Belmont OH; Rebecca b. 1813 in PA m. William Tidball 1838 in Belmont OH. Sons of his move on to Spring Creek, Miami, Ohio by 1830 then some eventually remove to Wapello IA at the same time that our McKinneys move out to neighboring Van Buren, IA.

It would be difficult to sort out the household in this census. There are 3 males under 10 born 1810 to 1820, 1 male 10 to 16 born 1804 to 1810, 1 male 26 to 45 born 1774 to 1794, 1 male 45 and over born after 1774; 3 females under 10 b. 1810 to 1820, 1 female 26 to 45 born 1774 to 1794. The 3 males under 10 are not accounted for as being children of James. 2 of the females under 10 might be Margaret and Rebecca.

pg. 195
Nancey MCCLUNEY 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 (given as McCHINEY)
(1 female under 10, 1 16 to 26, 1 over 45)
Is the above Nancy a relation of the McKenneys?

Margaret DOVER
Catherine SHOWER or SHAVER
William AMBLER
Ezekiel HANKEY
David BELL
Sheldon SPERRY
Dennis RILEY
William BRAWDEY?
Samuel DAY 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1
William AMBLER
James MCKINNEY 3 1 0 0 1 1 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
(3 males under 10, 1 10-16, 1 26-45, 1 45 and up, 3 females under 10, 1 26 to 45)
Israel DAY 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Pg. 197
Richard Riley is here

George McKinney, born circa 1760-1770 in Ireland, married to a Mary Campbell, appears in Stock, Harrison, Ohio. There are 3 young males in the household and 3 female children. The 9 children appear to be all known and were born between 1774 and 1809. (1) John b. 1774-1794 m. Nancy Campbell in 1820 in Harrison OH; (2) Elizabeth b. 1797 in PA married Richard Downs 1821 in Harrison OH; (3) Nancy b. 1801 in PA m. John Gault before 1827; (4) Jane b. 1802 in Washington PA m. William Walker 1834 in Harrison, OH; (5) Margaret Peggy b. 1804 in PA m. John L. Marshall 1824; (6) George Jr. b. 1805 in Washington, PA m. Elizabeth Conaway 1828 in Harrison OH; (7) Fryer b. 1808 in Washington PA m. Emeline before 1833; (8) James b. 1809 in PA m. Mary Orr then Catherine.) The eldest son, John McKinney, b. 1774-1794 in PA, lives next door, married to Nancy Campbell b. 1800 in Fayette, PA. This family is of interest as some of the children move to Pike, Illinois, as does the William McKenney b. 1795 of Belmont, Ohio. Also, this family marries into the Conaway family of Harrison, Ohio and the Conaway family is also connected with our McKenneys as shown later. Could this George McKinney be a brother of Robert McKenney? Neighbors here are Jacob Fasbinder, James Derraw, Alexander Wells, Adam Heavlin, Jacob Wright, then William Derraw, Nancy Campbell, Jesse Cicil, James Derrowyn and Stewart Huston. Further up on the same page is George Bartow who is an uncle to the Bartows who marry into our McKenney family. In 1820 this George Bartow marries Matilda Picken whose sister Jane marries a James English b. 1791 (whose son Alpha moves out to Cedar, Mahaska, Iowa by 1856), whose brother Alpheus is out in Richland, Wapello, Iowa by 1860, whose sister Susannah marries Hamilton McFadden, whose brother Alexander marries Rachel Conaway and moves to Iowa, whose brother William Oliver marries Frances Fanny Overholt then Mary Shaffer in Iowa.

The 1810 census shows 3 females under 10 and 1 10 to 15. 3 of these females seem to be missing if this is the same family.

1820 OH Harrison Co. Stock
pg. 67

George BARTOW 0 0 0 0 1 / 0 0 1
Alexander EVANS
Ezekiel EVANS
Daniel SMITH
Samuel SMITH
Josiah WOODS
Richard PARKER
Alexander WELLS
George MCKINNEY 1 2 0 0 0 1 / 0 1 2 0 1
Note: 1 male under 10, 2 males 10 to 16, 1 male over 45, 1 female 10 to 15, 2 females 16 to 26, 1 female over 45
John MCKINNEY 0 0 0 1 / 0 0 1
1 male 26 to 45, 1 female 16 to 26
This John is a son of the above George.
William DERRAW
Stewart HUSTON

Not now believed to be a connected line. John McKinney b. 1780 in Elizabeth, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, married Mary Wilson, is shown in the 1820 Westland, Guernsey, Ohio census. Surrounding households are Aken, Daniel Sheaffer, James Barkhill, Robert Marshall, Reasoners. Nearby is his son Joseph McKinney. This John is the son of Matthew McKinney believed to be b. 1744 in Scotland and thus unrelated to our line. Henry McKinney is another son of his in this census. All children of this John McKinney are believed to be known.

1820 OH, Guernsey Co., Westland
pg. 187
Alexander MCCLARY
Alexander JAMISON
Lewis AKEN?
James FISH or GISH
John MCKENNEY 0 2 0 0 1 0 3 2 0 1
#3 John – 2 males 10 to 16, 1 male 26 to 45, 3 female under 10, 2 females 10 to 16, 1 female 26 to 45
Reading HUNTER
Joseph MCKINNEY 2 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 2
Eldest son of the above John #3 McKinney. Note: 2 males under 10, 1 16 to 26, 1 26 to 45, 1 female to 10, 2 females 16 to 26.
Thomas? SPEERS
pg. 188
Joseph MAYS?
Henry MCKENNEY 1 2 0 2 1 1 1 0 1 1
Brother of the above John #3 McKinney. 1 male under 10, 2 males 10 to 16, 2 males 16 to 26, 1 male 26 to 45, 1 male 45 and over, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16 to 26 and 1 female 26 to 45
Robert BROWN

Now for the years leading up to the 1830 census.


1820 sees the marriage of George Bartow of Stock, Harrison, Ohio (see above census) to Matilda Picken daughter of Matthew Picken and Susannah McFadden. Matilda’s brother, William Picken, later marries Mary Shaffer before 1859 (another Shaffer will also be shown marrying another Bartow). William Picken’s first wife is Frances Overholt, daughter of Christian Overholt and Rebecca Gundy. This George Bartow family is living on the same page as George McKinney of Stock, Harrison, Ohio in 1820.


Margaret Riley Shirley, stepmother of Nancy Shirley (her mother was a Vance) who married Major John Campbell (see 1822) is in Oxford, Guernsey Co. OH. Her son Richard Riley is in Mead, Belmont, OH in 1820 and is married to Elizabeth Day, daughter of Samuel Day. Samuel Day and Israel Day live to either side of Major James McKinney (see above), with Richard Riley and Dennis Riley nearby. Also in the grouping is Elijah Barker, whose daughter, Martha, married an Eli Lucas and is given on a later census as Indian (nation unknown). See 1822 for more information on the Riley/Shirley family and their connection to the Ioway.


Elizabeth McKinney b. 1797 in Lancaster PA, daughter of George McKinney (1760-1770) and Mary Campbell, now marries Richard Downs in Stock, Harrison, Ohio.


Robert Eugene McKenney is b. about 1821 in PA. In 1846 he marries Mary Bartow.


By 1822, Vance Murray Campbell (Margaret Riley’s step-grandson) is with the Ioway. We observed the Riley family in the Mead, Belmont, Ohio census above. Vance’s father, Major John Campbell, was trading with the Sac and Fox by 1822.


Pagrachena is born. Ioway-Osage. Believed to have at least one sister, Martha Tease, who married a Sac and Fox by the name of Waw-naw-sha-ah. I focus on her and her family, the Rays, Franklins, Spoonamores and Partelows, as they have multiple connections with the McKenneys over the years.


Ioway leaders travel to Washington D.C. to meet with William Clark and cede a large portion of tribal land.


Jacob Heaston, son of John Heaston and Christina Gundy, marries Catherine Forney in Harrison Co., OH. This family will be part of the migration to Nemaha Reserve/KS and Wolf River, Doniphan KS later.

Joseph Overholt, son of Christian Overholt and Rebecca Gundy, marries Frances Forney, daughter of Peter Forney and Christina Zug, in Conotton, Harrison OH. They settle on the Nemaha Reserve in 1860.


Margaret Peggy McKinney b. 1804 in PA, daughter of George McKinney (1760-1770) of Harrison, OH and Mary Campbell, marries John L. Marshall. They move to Lafayette, Fulton, IL in 1850 then are in English River, Keokuk, IA in 1856, back in Fulton by 160, then in 1870 are in English, Iowa, Iowa.


Marriage of William McKenney b. 1795 in Ireland to Susannah, widow of Samuel Hardesty (see 1820 Richland, Belmont, OH). I am right now placing this William as a possible son of Robert McKenney of 1820 Richland, Belmont, OH as Susan was living next to Robert McKenney. T Where this family located in 1830 and 1840 is unknown but they left the area. By 1850 they are in Ursa, Adams, IL with sons named William and Clark. This is perhaps noteworthy (perhaps not) as immediate family of George Shannon of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery lived next to the McKenneys in Guernsey.

Nancy McKinney, daughter of George McKinney Sr. and Mary Campbell of Harrison Co. OH marries John Gault. They will live next to the Arthur Chenoweth family in 1840.


Isabella Love is born. Given as Ioway. She would have probably been 1/2 Ioway. Birthdate in 1850 is 1829, in 1856 it is 1832, in 1860 it is 1828, in 1870 it is 1825. Her birth place is always given as PA in the census but daughter Addie McWhirt, who died in 1952, stated that instead Isabella was Ioway, and that she (Addie) lived with the Indians as a child before her mother died, and that after Isabella died she was boarded out with white families to learn “white ways”. We have indeed found that she and her brother, George W. Jr. (b. 1833) were boarded out after their mother’s death. I think all McKenney lines (thus far that I’ve been in communication with) had Isabella as being Indian. The best confirmation we have to lift this out of lore is the McWhirt book and that Addie was giving information on her mother, combined with finding close links with Ioway Nemaha Reservation families through the years, and mass emigration of family and neighbors from Ohio to the Nemaha Reservation, which I outline in this document. One can take an opposing view and say, “What proof?” and point out that in the Belmont Co. Ohio area of the time are a couple of families of Loves in which the name Isabella is found. One of these families is well-documented and I’ve contacted them and they’ve no knowledge of our Isabella. Another family, that of an Andrew, and perhaps a related Robert (?) is not well documented. Andrew’s family also has an Isabella who is not our Isabella. But only two children of Robert Love’s family are known and in 1840 he has two unknown females born 1830-1835. Another way of looking at this is as I go through the censuses for 1850 and 1860, Isabella Love seems to be a fairly popular generic name that appears north, south, east and west. So, what’s likelier? That what Addie said about her mother is true, or that Isabella Love was actually a Pennsylvania Love?


William McKenney, conjectured brother of George W. McKenney b. 1832, is born in OH. He later marries Esther Yarnell.


George McKinney Jr. b. 1805, son of George McKinney Sr. (1760-1770) and Mary Campbell of Stock, Harrison, OH, marries Elizabeth Conaway, daughter of Michael Conaway and Martha Hoagland. (Her sister Rachel Conaway marries Alexander Picken in 1834 and resettles later in Mahaska then Wapello IA.)


Margaret Riley Shirley, who was living in Guernsey Co., Ohio, dies, but children of hers continue on in Belmont Co. Ohio

Now on to the 1830 census and the 1830s.

14 Responses to “McKenneys of Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey and Harrison Counties, Ohio-1820s”
  1. Justin Dalby says:

    Great information. Thank you for this site. According to some family documents, I may be from this line, via John McKinney and Nancy Campbell. These documents state that George C. McKinney was the son of John McKinney and Nancy Campbell (married in Harrison Co., OH on June 19, 1820) but a problem arises with the parents of this John McKinney. My documents state that his parents were John McKinney and Zelphia Ireland. This line is so confusing and I would love to get this straightened out. Do you have information that indicates that a George C. McKinney was the son of John and Nancy? ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. admin says:

    Justin, the “Historical Collections of Harrison County in the State of Ohio” says of John McKinney’s will:

    “John MCKINNEY, Stock township; date of will, Jan 6 1850; date of probate, Feb 1 1850; wife, Nancy; daughters, Elizabeth HEAVILIN, Mary J. ROGERS, Agnes ADAMS, Matilda, Margaret, Lydia, Sarah; father mentioned, name not given; exec. Aaron Conway; wits., Richard DOWNS, William WALKER”

    The same collection gives this information on the will of George McKinney who married Mary Campbell (parents of John who married Nancy Campbell):

    “GEORGE MCKINNEY, date of will, July 2 1845; date of probate, Feb. 13 1849; wife, Mary; children, Wililam, John, James, George, Mary, Elizabeth DOWNS, Jane WALKER, Peggy MARSHALL, Nancy GAULT; grand-children, George DOWNS, Mary DOWNS, George MARSHALL, George GAULT, George MCKINNEY, Mary MCKINNEY, and Agnes MCKINNEY; execs, William Henderson, Michael Conaway; wits., Evan L. Crawford, Hamilton McFaddin, William Ransey.”

    I don’t have anything on a John McKinney who married a Zelphia Ireland, nor do I have anything on George C. McKinney.

    If you’d care to share more of, please post your info on George C. McKinney (birth, death, where he lived, who he married) so I can keep an eye open for anything about him.

  3. Justin Dalby says:

    Thanks for your reply. To bad that the section of John McKinney doesn’t also include his sons…I am starting to think that my George C. McKinney may be John and Nancy’s son.

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice that the section regarding George McKinney’s will states a GEORGE MCKINNEY as one of his grandchildren. I wonder if this is my George C. McKinney? I would love to see if we can positively link him. Here is some information regarding George C. McKinney:

    Born : 09/22/1822 in Ohio
    Married: Elizabeth Burkhead on 07/18/1844 in Pike Co., IL
    1900 CENSUS: Cuivre Township, Audrain Co., MO, Page 5A, Line 31. States that his father was born in Pennsylvania and his mother was born in Scotland.

  4. Justin Dalby says:

    Sorry for the additional post. Should I e-mail information as I receive it or keep posting here for everyone to see? The 1860 census from Pike Co., IL includes my relative George C. McKinney. Also in this census and living in the same Township (New Salem Township) is William McKinney. Here is the link to William’s listing (page 422):

    Just 4 pages later is my relative George C. McKinney and some other McKinneys. Here is the link to his listing (page 426):

    This is all really leading me to believe that I now have the correct line for my ancestor, or do you think I am missing something?

  5. admin says:

    Continuing to post here is fine.

    John McKinney and Nancy Campbell didn’t have any sons, that’s why none are shown:
    1830 census: John MCKINNEY – – – – 1 – – – – – – – – 3 2 – – 1
    1840 census: John MCKINNEY – – – – – – 1 / 1 1 – – 2

    The grandchildren that I show, named George, for George McKinney and Mary Campbell:

    James and Mary Orr had George W. McKinney b. 1833

    Fryer and Emeline had George B. Harrison b. 1833

    George McKinney and Elizabeth Conaway only had daughters.

    Someone has given William McKinney b. 1786 as a son. He and Nancy McAllister had a son George b. 1831

    That exhausts the George McKinney grandsons of George McKinney and Mary Campbell.

    At individuals have given George C. McKinney b. 1822 m. Elizabeth Burkhead as a possible son for a John M. (?) McKinney who was born 1799 in Somerset, Pennsylvania, died 1822, and a Margaret Lee b. abt. 1800 in Scotland. I don’t know the source for the information and it’s not sourced anywhere. Elizabeth Burkhead having been born in Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, it was of interest to me and I had recorded it in my gene database.

  6. admin says:

    Or, if you think it will be more manageable, you can email me at the address on my contact page.

    I certainly understand why you’re looking at some connection between your family and that of George and Mary Campbell. I just don’t currently see where it could be.

    Do wish we knew about that John McKinney and Margaret Lee on Ancestry, who is the source for that.

    By 1840 James McKinney (son of George Campbeel) and Mary Orr are in Pike with 5 sons (would be George W. b. 1833, James, John, Thomas and Charles).

    1850 James McKinney and Mary Orr live a page over from the Potters and Jeffires between which your George C. is between in 1855.

    1855 Township 4, Pike, Illinois
    Samuel P. Jeffers
    George McKinney 3 2 – 1 / 1 – – 1
    James Tipton
    John Potter

    I believe this is your George as the George, son of James and Mary, wouldn’t have children yet.

    Smith Toland is on the next page, who Rhoda Burkhead had married.

    In 1860 in the James McKinney household there is a 31 Elizabeth McKinney who suddenly appears in their household, b. OH. Who is she?? Though James O. and George W. (sons) have married in 1853 and 1858, for some reason they are still in the household here. Very confusing.

    In 1860, as you say, your George’s family is on page 426 and on page 448 is James.

    In 1870 Thomas McKinney, son of James is at household 63, and your George is at 68.

    Plus George W. and James O. married into the Jeffers and Potters.


  7. admin says:


    They are in the 1850 Brown, Illinois census showing John McKiney and Zilpha as Margaret’s parents.
    John McKiney 75 farmer b. NJ
    Zilpha 68
    William Peterson 35 NJ
    Margaret 34 PA

    So that’s the John McKinney and Zilpha you had in your records.

    Here they are in the 1840 census. There’s no son in the John McKiney household, only the daughter who would have married Peterson. But next door is a Thomas McKinney with an extra male who would be 15 to 20 years of age. A family tree at (again, unsourced) gives this John and Zilpha as having a son, Thomas Ireland b. 1811 (that’s the only child mentioned. So this Thomas would be their son. Which means perhaps the 15 to 20 year old is another son of John and Zilpha who is in Thomas’ household. Your George C. perhaps?

    1840 Pike, Illinois
    David Tedrow (index gives as)
    Thomas McKinney – – – 1 1 / – – – – 1 – 1
    John McKiney – – – – – – – – 1 / – – – – 1 – – 1
    Jonathan Starkey
    Elijah Jeffers

  8. Justin Dalby says:

    Wow, that is a lot of great info. Thanks for doing so much research. Still there are some things that just don’t vibe. The info that was posted on looks wrong. I did some digging and did not find any information regarding a John McKinney who was born in PA and married Margaret Lee who was born in Scotland. I did find individuals with these names who were married but they were based out of VA and were a few years older than this information.

    Also, John and Zilpha McKinney would have pretty old when George C. was born. I am not saying tha it isn’t possible but, John would have been 47 and Zilpha would have been 40. Also, you wold think that he would have been on the 1840 census, but like you said, he may ne living in Thomas’ household. I just wish there was a clear cut answer here.

    Where did you get that information from 1855 for George C. McKinney? Could you provide a link? I am hoping to locate an 1850 census record for George C. George and Elizabeth married in Pike IL in 1844 and they are listed in the 1860 and 1870 census for Pike Co., so you would think that they were living there during the 1850 census. However, I cannot find a scan, or text, of the 1850 Pike Co., IL census. This is unfortunate because this may provide some more clues in helping me establish who his parents were.

    Sorry to involve you with this, considering it isn’t the line that is the focus of this article. I truly appreciated the assitance you have provided. The McKinney line is undoubtedly confusing!

  9. admin says:

    Right now, if it was my George C., I would be thinking that John McKinney and Zelpha Ireland are my best bet. Or, let me put it this way, I wouldn’t rule them out for the reasons you gave. Births in one’s 40s weren’t at all uncommon. My family trees are filled with women giving birth up to about the age of 45, generally. (For instance, your Elizabeth Burkhead’s mother was 45 when her last child was born, and she’d also had a child at 43 and 40)

    I also have numerous censuses that break expectations of household, for instance where siblings are living with other siblings instead of parents or are even with an uncle’s family, or sometimes living even in the household of an apparently unrelated person, especially common back then for young men, not yet married, doing farm labor.

    The above pages gives Thomas Ireland as first having married an Emma Jane Barnes. Then in 1846 he married Clementina, with whom he had his family (that is on the internet sites). Perhaps Emma was ill and thus the extra hand in the house.

    The 1855 census information is from the Illinois State Census, 1825-1865. It’s in the ancestry index as Geo McKenney. You can only see it if you’re subscribed.

    Source Citation: Illinois State Archives; Springfield, Illinois; Illinois State Census, 1855; Archive Collection Number: 103.008; Roll Number: 2194; Line: 30.
    Ira Allen
    John C. Jeffers
    Elijah Jeffers
    Samuel Jeffers
    David Potter
    George (abbreviated as Geg. or Gg) McKinney 3 2 – 1 / 1 – – 1
    James Tipton
    John Potter

    I’ve looked through the Pike County Illinois (and elsewhere) census index for George and Elizabeth multiple times and they’re just not there. I have searched not just Pike but elsewhere using, McKiney, McKinney, McKenney etc. I have tried in Pike and Adam Co. IN (where Elizabeth’s parents moved to) and Brown Co. IL (where John and Zilpha moved) just using George and his birthdate and Elizabeth and her birthdate, hoping I might find them that way. Can’t find them. They’re at least not in the index. Perhaps they were traveling and were missed. They may have gone elsewhere briefly and decided to return to Pike County.

    If you could find where John McKinney died, that would help, if he left a will. Perhaps Brown County, Illinois–if you’re lucky, and, as noted, if he left a will.

    Clear cut answers would be nice! Some families it is that easy. Other families, it’s hard rowing.

  10. Justin Dalby says:

    Again, thank you for all of that great information. I located a scan of the 1850 Pike Co., IL census and as you stated, I could not find George and Elizabeth. The only other Census I am missing is the 1880 Census. According to Elizabeth’s obituary, they moved to Audrain Co., MO in 1882. They were living in Pike Co., IL during the 1870 census, so maybe they were in the process of moving during the 1880 census or living where they were during the 1850 census…who knows. They are definitely difficult to track down.

    Anyway, I just want to thank you again for the great assistance you have provided me. As I said before, this line is so confusing and I think you have straightened it out a bit for me.

  11. admin says:

    Justin, good luck with your research.

  12. Jeffrey Day says:

    Relative of Samuel Day . GGGrandfather –
    William Day G Grandfather.
    What is Samuel Days relation to you and am I related as well ?

  13. jmk says:

    Jeffrey, no, I’ve no relation to the Days. I’m trying to figure out potential relatives of my McKenneys area by studying neighborhoods and movements of people who lived near them or moved to other areas about the same time they did.

  14. timothy lawhead says:

    Hello I’m Timothy Lawhead I’ve been researching my family for a few years and come to a dead end that has several family members helping! Was looking over your site at the McKinneys in Belmont county Ohio. My great grandpa wrote a letter about his great grandpa Leonard Lawhead rode horse back at 7 years old from Belmont county to Miami county with the McKinney family. I find my 3rd great grandpa Leonard in Spring Creek 1840 in between McKinneys and again in other censuses. I found a old map online showing the plats in that area and it has Leonard living in the middle of the McKinneys farm land on about 2 acres where he stayed and raised a family. The McKinneys of Spring Creek, Miami county, Ohio raised him and I believe he is one under 10 in the 1820 census in Belmont county. Major James or William McKinney has three males under 10 I believe Leonard maybe one of them. Do you see any Lawhead farm hands or come across any let me know this is important to us and thanks in advance and for your work. my email

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